The Museum of Khabarovsk History was opened on May 31, 2004. It began to receive the first visitors in august, when the exposition "The city of Khabarovsk has beginning" was opened.
After the reconstruction, in October 2011, the museum opened for visitors updated halls, in which created a comprehensive exhibitions from the history of the founding of the city to the modern period.
Currently, the museum has ten exhibition and exhibition halls, one of which is a children's center, storage and restoration of funds. The museum area was 1200 sq.m.
The museum actively conducts exhibition activities and successfully solves the problems of educational, upbringing and educational nature. It participates in many cultural and public programs and events of the city, such as “Night at the Museum” and “Night of the Arts” and other events.
Sister city relationship of Khabarovsk
The first of the sister city relationship is the Japanese city of Niigata. The origins of this friendship originated in the summer of 1964. Since the establishment of friendly relations between Khabarovsk and Niigata our cities have become the pioneers of Japanese-Russian partnership. They have become an example for the conclusion of agreements on mutual cooperation with other cities in neighboring countries.
The scale of good-neighborly relations in the course of expanding, and the friendship grows stronger.
Today Khabarovsk has six towns - sister cities:
- Niigata / Japan / - 1964
- Portland / USA / - 1988
- Victoria / Canada / - 1990
- Harbin/China/ - 1993
- Bucheon/ South Korea / - 2002
- Sanya/China / - 2011
Friendship and mutual understanding between nations and peoples strengthen cooperation in the fields of economy, science and technology, education and culture. 
The city annually hosts international symposia and conferences. There are Consulates General of Japan and China, offices of major international companies. Actively developing contacts with municipalities and community organizations Sister Cities